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Today Only: The New & Recover Bundle Ships Free with Code SHIPFREE
Today Only: The New & Recover Bundle Ships Free with Code SHIPFREE

About Us

We all know that looking professional at work is important, but not everyone has the time to master the art of tying a tie.

You can't be late again, man! It's bad enough you've been missing so much work lately. Your boss is going to fire your ass if you're not careful. 

With our convenient and affordable zipper ties you can look great without any hassle. Our ties are easy to put on and take off – no more struggling with knots or fumbling around for hours trying to get it right! They're also perfect for those who have difficulty tying their own neckties due to injury, arthritis, or other issues. These zipper ties are so simple even your kids can wear them!

The Auto Zipper Tie is the perfect solution to your problem. This convenient and professional zipper tie pretied makes it easy to look sharp in no time at all. Simply pair up this sweet striped design with your best blazer and keep on trucking all morning long. In no time you'll be looking like a stylin' boss without any hassle – plus they look great under collar of your shirt or open-collared shirts too!

Get an Auto Zipper Tie today! They are sold by the pack of three, so that's one for each day of the week (so you always have one ready). No more worries about what knot goes where, just pop it on and go! It's that simple. These ties can be worn in many different ways including as a bowtie, necktie, belt loop holder...

The Auto Zipper Tie makes dressing up in the morning quick and easy. Each order comes with one tie featuring an adjustable strap that fits most sizes from teens through adult men (up to 48" chest). Simply slip it on like a belt then zip it up into place - Voila! You're ready for work in under 2 minutes. It's just that easy! Plus they come in many different colors including.