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Today Only: The New & Recover Bundle Ships Free with Code SHIPFREE
Today Only: The New & Recover Bundle Ships Free with Code SHIPFREE
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Do you know how to tie a tie? I don't!

Do you know how to tie a tie? I don't!

The problem is that it's impossible to look professional without a tie, and ties are so hard to put on. It takes forever and the results don't look good anyway.

Our zipper ties solve all of these problems. They're easy to put on in seconds and they look like real neckties when you're done. We've also included instructions for two different styles (the four-in-hand knot or the half Windsor). You can use our zipper ties with any shirt that has buttons at the top, but we recommend button down shirts because they make your life easier (no need for collar stays). If you want even more convenience, check out our pre-tied bow ties too!


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About Watson Delice Pretied Zipper Ties

Hey do you know how to tie a tie? What the heck is a slip knot, dude. Well it's 10:00 am and I'm already late for work! DON'T PANIC! Our convenient & professional Zipper Ties Pretied are here to save the day. Simply pair up this sweet striped design with your best blazer and keep on trucking all morning long. In no time you'll be looking like a stylin' boss without any hassle – plus they look great under collar of your shirt or open-collared shirts too.

Save time & Convenient: Good appearance and easy to wear, you don't need spend much time to wear it, which creates the convenience of staying profession and classy in the fast paced environment.

Think about this, in general dressings starts at the waist. when you're in a hurry to get dressed in just 15 minutes, you're putting on your clothes race car driver style- so when it comes time to tie your shoes or do whatever, who has time for knots? zip ties are an absolute savior when presented with the need for dressing quickly without sacrificing professional appearance. not only does wearing them save time and keep one's figure presentable, they also keep their color coordinated (without adjusting knotted ribbon or accenting accessories).

With our huge selection, you can wear a different tie every day and best of all, you'll always be remembered.

Ties have progressed extensively throughout the years with the evolution of millions of new entrepreneurs. Browse through our inventory and find a novelty tie or bow tie that suits you best.